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ATP Awakening Technologies of the Pacific


Assistive Technology - Empowering Individuals with Disabilities


ATP offers a wide variety of services including :

  Assistive Technology Courses

  AT Consultation Services

  AT Loan Bank Development

  Specific Product Training

     • AT Certification Programs


CEU's Continuing Education Units are provided for courses delivered at your facility as well as online.  Some school districts choose to have a combination of hands on trainings as well as online course delivery to maximize their teachers/therapist's learning experience.


Assistive Technology is required by law to be available to students who require it to progress in their goal and objectives.  It is a field that is constantly changing and growing.  It is hard to sort through it all and know what devices or interventions might be the most appropriate. It can be an additional challenge to know how to assess for AT and and how to implement it in the classroom. 

Our On-Site classes provide hands-on training and allow participants to have access to the broad range of assistive technology.  Online classes allow working professionals the opportunity to learn about AT in a time suitable to their schedule.

Facilities in need of developing an Assistive Technology Loan Bank or Library, we can assist you in determining what equipment you will need and setting up the policies and procedures.

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