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Check out my Facebook Page and add your own AT discoveries

For those who aren't on Facebook, we've duplicated some of them here.

Facebook link


Check out NYC's Department of Education's website. They offer a whole catalog of simple adapted books that you can download for free. You can choose between having them in PowerPoint for the computer or Acrobat Reader for a hard copy,  Or ...both!! Some books also have premade Boardmaker symbols that you can print out so students can readily interact with the book. Mahalo NYC!!


NYC's Department of Education's website


Adapted Art Ideas from Lakeshore Learning

Lakesshore Learning Materials


Teachers are you tired of making your own writing worksheets. Dot after dot? Here is a website where you can create your own worksheets in a variety of styles and sizes!


Need some switch software or interactive story books? Priory Woods has a variety to choose from that you can download. They have activities that would appeal to a wide range of age groups and interest levels. You can download them and save them or play them online. Unfortunately, most of the activities are only PC downloads, not Mac. But Mac users can play the activities online, Just select the icon of the activity on the left. Just a word of warning, you should review them before showing them to your students, just so you think they are appropriate.

Cars - Gary Nunan                          Under the Sea

Priory Woods link


Bucky is going out on a limb, except it's gotta be a low one since he can't fly. He bought this tripod in the hopes that it will be a good switch mount. It should arrive today or tomorrow and he'll let you know the outcome. But for $5.24 he'll use it for his webcam if it doesn't work for his switches.


Holy Moley!  Bucky found the Crayola Children's big keys keyboard at Costco for $21.00.  But in further investigating check this out! 
Wal Mart is having a clearance and it is only $10.00!!!  Woooo Hooo!

The keys are very easy to depress and the mouse lights up.

Walmart Crayola keyboard


Bucky was hoping to find this cheaper but he'll take it for $20.97. Discovery toys is having a sale on their Remote Control Art Ladybug. With this little bug children who cannot hold a crayon or marker can either use the hand held remote it comes with or can use the ECU capability on their AAC device to create a masterpiece. We'll let you know how it is after it arrives


Bucky got this bathtub grip for his grandparents last year. It worked great for their shower. If you have a clean smooth surface these grips suction on and are extremely sturdy and safe. Great for adults and children. How can you beat this price....$6.71...???

Safety Grip Handle link


Bucky is on the lookout to make some one message communication devices. Here are some deals he's found. He likes this one because you touch the picture instead of a button.

The Recording and Talking Picture Frame