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Bucky, Bucky, He's our man.  He'll find AT if anybody can!

  Bucky loves to read, write and tell stories.  But, muscovy ducks are quackless ducks, so he needs some AT to share his stories and to read aloud.  So he was very excited when he found this Cranium product.  Make sure you watch our product review video to see the product in person. Bucky found it at Target for the Ducky Deal of $19.99.


Talking Picture Book is a story writing tool that has 4 recordable buttons to tell your story.  It's like a 4 location communication device, a linear Step -by Step.  Yeah!  The book contains four two-sided laminated pages.Four dry erase markers and an eraser come with the the Talking Picture Book.  Also included are removable stickers to add quick art to your story.  The product comes with interchangeable cards for story starters or ideas to include in your story.
Product Description and Adaptations

 The book comes with three pages of reusable vinyl stickers that children can use to add graphics to their story.

Other reusable sticker books can be found at Borders and other stores to add to the variety and that that may be aligned to the curriculum.  Guess which is Bucky's favorite.

For those students that cannot peel off their stickers, they could request them verbally, with their AAC device or they can be easily put on any laminated material and a selection can be made by eye gaze, switch spinner or dial scan.  It's so quick to make a spinner overlay.  Peel it and reel it.

Product Description and Adaptations

The Talking Picture Book comes with a spinner and 6 double sided card that provide story starters, and idea generators.  These slip into the spinner in the upper left hand corner.

For students who use switches, the overlays can be placed on a spinner or dial scan for selection.  This spinner was made out of a personal fan from Wal Mart for $4.99 and switch adapted with a battery interrupter.  This way students who use switches can actively participate in the creation of the story.

It's easy to make your own overlay for the Talking Picture Book spinner.  Add things that support the curriculum theme or that build vocabulary.

Product Description and Adaptation
Probably the best thing about the Talking Picture Book is that it has 4 recordable buttons.  So the student can tell their story. This enables the stories to become animated and more exciting. Ok, well, Bucky thinks taking a bath is exciting.


It can also be used as a communication device.  A student can tell what they did over the weekend or what they did at school that day.  With the 4 messages they can use it as a social script to hold a conversation and share information.

If students are making a book together and a student uses an AAC device, they can make their sentence and have it recorded on their page

There probably is an unending amount of ways you can use the book and the recordable messages.

Product Adaptations
[ The pages are recessed within the frame so page fluffers or clips would be needed for some youngsters to turn the pageIn the video some page fluffer options are shown.
The dry erase markers only come in 4 colors so you might want to have more colors on hand.  In addition these markers are small so you might want to add foam to build up the diameter of the marker.  Bucky uses rollers to curl his topknot so I swiped one for to use to build up the marker.

Talking Picture Book available at Target and Amazon.