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Bucky Alert!

Presto Chango.. Keyboard Cover!

Want to hide that keyboard?  Want to be able to use it to place a switch and get yourself or students closer to the laptop?  This month Bucky's going to show you how you can make a quick and easy laptop keyboard cover!

Keyboard Covers

Years ago, Linda Burkhart ( turned us on to the advantages of having a cover for our laptop keyboard to allow you to put a switch on top and get the children closer to the screen and for them not to see those goody attractive keys underneath.

We used to sew our keyboard covers using Tempo Loop material and that is still probably ideal if you want that ability to have Velcro stick to the entire top surface.

It's basically sewing a rectangle the size of your keyboard. 

Then you insert a piece of Foam Display Board that meets the size of your cover.  A few plastic bumpers and some tape Velcro and you've got a nice homemade cover.  But if you don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew, here is an easy way to make a cover.

How to make Bucky's Quickie Keyboard Cover

Buy a Laptop Sleeve that fits your size of laptop.  Remember that the sleeve is bigger than your laptop so to avoid it being too big you might want to order it a size smaller.

Here are a couple different types.  You can get these pretty cheap from companies off of Amazon.
They are typically made out of neoprene material.  If you Google laptop or notebook sleeves you can find them in a variety of colors, sizes and prices.

You can find them anywhere between $7.00 and up depending on how fancy you want.

Laptop sleeve link

Some have flap closures and others have zippers.  You want to cut a piece of foam display board big enough to fit inside.

      Place rubber bumpers on back that line up with flat places on keyboard. 

You can leave the neoprene top and place Velcro loop strips on each side or recover it with a piece of Tempo Loop fabric. KABAM!


3M Super 77 Adhesive spray lets you adhere a nice piece of Tempo Loop to allow you to use Velcro on the entire cover surface.  A long piece of wide non stick Velcro tape will allow you to go under the computer and stick onto the top of the laptop sleeve.  You might need 2 strips to hold the cover in place.  Putting adhesive loop strips of Velcro (soft side) on the bottom of the laptop would also help secure the top and lift the laptop off the table allowing air underneath.

For instructions on adapting a switch see January 2010 -C

Ziggity Zoom - Need an activity that a child can do with their switch?

Here is a great website that you can use a switch and have kids read some simple booksThere are also play games, watch video's, color and so much more!

Bucky loves the stories about Beakley!                                                                 Here is one just in time for Easter!