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Bucky Alert!  Easy Switch Adapted Spinner!
One of Bucky's favorite musical groups is The Spinners
and his personal own theme song is "I'll Be Around" or is it "I'll Turn Around"?  Check out his video and make your own decision.

Just in case you're bored, need a break or just want to hear the Detroit Spinners here is a link to them singing their all time classic 70's song.  Bucky will be dancing to the music!

Hey, but when ever you need Bucky, he'll be around.  And this month he found a fan that can be switch adapted or can be adapted  to make a spinner.     This item makes a great safe switch activated fan with just minimal adaptation. 
But you can also turn it into a spinner and increase the options, fun, language and excitement.   It also comes with a USB plug so it can use it to cool you off and your computer.

We know that a switch adapted spinner can be used for a multitude of applications.  It's use is only limited by your creativity.  Although the choice is random by the user that fact adds to the anticipation of the outcome.  We are including some blank templates that can be downloaded so you can create your own overlay and be on your way.  All children enjoy using a spinner within activities and games.  Remember that reusable stickers adhere to laminated paper and can be used to quickly make an overlay. 

Product Description

The Fan is called the USB Fan and comes in 2 colors that Bucky knows of. Yellow and Pink.  You have to pay $1.00 more for pink, so Bucky bought yellow.  This yellow fan was $10.95

It is a lightweight plastic fan with soft pliable fan blades.  You can use it by plugging the USB cable into your computer or by inserting  3 AA batteries. 

One of the greatest things about this fan is that the fan frame can tilt back horizontally or can be angled at various degrees.  The two little ears offer a great place to attach velcro to hold your overlays.

Here are some templates you can download or you can make your own.  There are 2 PDF and 2 Boardmaker files.

The boardmaker templates will open up in Boardmaker and you can just throw your pictures onto the overlay.

6 location overlay

4 location overlsy

Blank overlay

Sample Play overlay

Product Adaptation

First adapt the fan by using a battery interrupter.  Voila!  You are ready to use it just as a switch operated fan.  Cool!

The easiest way to turn the fan into a pointer is to put a sticker or paint the fan blade to indicate it is the pointer.  If you don't want to use the fan, cut the blades off, and place velcro on the top for your arrow.

By putting the loop velcro coins on the ears of the fan, the overlay stays in position.

You can take the fan blades off and add other pointer attachments.

For example, one option is to take a wood plug and drill a hole into it and place it on the end of the blade post.  You can then put loop velcro over it and attach a laminated pointer.

Please make sure you test any adaptation first to make sure it is secure and doesn't fly off and injure someone.  Ouch!