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  Bucky Alert!

 Bucky says "Wow!  There are a lot of recordable one message devices out there that are reasonably priced and that can be easily adapted ! " 

  Now everyone can have something to say!                     

Talking Tins

10 or 30 seconds recording time


$6.66 - US Dollars -10 sec
$9.15 - US  Dollars- 30 sec

Plus shipping

Activation and Adaptations:

Activated by pushing black button

For those who can't isolate a finger to push the button,

1.  Hot glue piece of glue stick to button or
2.  Attach self sticking plastic bumper.
3,  Turn Talking Tin over, attach a photo and you are ready to go!

The back of the talking tin is magnetic so if you are going to attach it to something metal, then you'll need to adapt it differently                                                                                                                                                                                               



4 LR44 cell batteries

Voice Over

10 seconds recording time


$7.95 plus shipping


For those who can't isolate a finger to push the button,


1.  Hot glue piece of glue stick to button or
2.  Attach self sticking plastic bumper.  You should put one on either side to balance the talker when you turn it over.
3,  Turn Voice Over to the other side, attach a photo and you are ready to go!

Coming soon!


3 SR1130 cell batteries

Talking Photo Frame

10 second recording time

 $23.00 plus shipping

Activation and Adaptations:

Sound is activated by pressing the picture area.  Sometimes seems inconsistent to respond in all photo area.

Can flip the picture around so that the frame lays flat on the table.  Photo is covered by plastic sheet not glass.






Talking Picture Frame

10 second message

$19.99  online plus shipping
$23.00 at local Radio Shack

Activation and Adaptations:

The sound is activated by a motion sensor located on the top or side depending on how you position the frame.


Can be switch adapted by using a battery interrupter.  Will say the message when the switch is pressed but the switch has to be pressed for duration of message.


Clarity: radioshacktalking.mp3

4 AA

So what can you say with one message?  Get creative or check out the links below;

 101 + IDEAS FOR THE BIGmack Or Other Single Message Voice Output Communication Aids
Complied by Barbara Solomonson Speech/Language Pathologist MS CCCsp

BOOKS with Repetitive Lines
From AAC Intervention web site

Batteries - Need a charge??? 
Don't pay high price for these little gems.  Check out the website below to get them for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes replacing the battery can cost more than the device. 

BFM Battery Sales

Battery Mart