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Bucky Alert!  He's on the prowl and has found a toy that is easily switch adapted.

Switch Adapted Animal Massager

These plush animals can be found at Walmart, Target and Kmart especially during the holiday season for around $10.00.  They come in a variety of animal shapes.  Here is a purple elephant.  They vibrate when the button is pushed located on their hand.  You need to find one that stays on when pushed and needs to be pushed again to turn off. (Latch mode). These have a mild vibration that doesn't seem to startle most children.  Our students with visual impairments really seem to really enjoy these toys. 

These are easy to adapt as they have a AA battery compartment located in a pouch on the bottom.

Slip your battery interrupter into the compartment and file a hole for your wire to come through.  Attach your switch and you are ready to go.  Remember to push the button on the hand to turn on the vibration.  The vibration will start when the switch is activated.

Some models have a hot/cold pack in a pouch on the front.  These can be warmed or cooled for added sensory input for the child.

If you need instructions to make a battery interrupter please click here to bring you to our low-tech section.

Remember language is important during all activities!  Below are two downloads of pre-made communication boards you can either keep like they are or cut up and laminate them.

Boardmaker Communication Symbols

Unity Symbols

Our original websites sold out!  But here is a new website with a variety for $14.99  Bucky has the monkey and the frog and they are adorable!

  Frog Massager      
Monkey Massager


     Frog link              Monkey link


Thanks Bucky!
If you have questions please email Bucky at