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Bucky Alert!    Get your Ducks in a Row!      (Bucky likes the one in the middle.)

Need software to help you remember things or get organized?  Bucky does, and he has found that the free software Evernote, has saved the day.  It provides you so many options of saving notes that you will be looking for things to add to your list.  The ease and convenience of this software can make anyone a memory marvel.     

Here is the website to download the program

There are a variety of ways to take notes in Evernote. You take the notes and then they are sent to your computer or to your web Evernote account.

Above is an example of a Text Note sent from a Windows Mobile phone to the Evernote notebook (on the web).

This is an example of an Ink Note sent from a Windows Mobile phone to the Evernote notebook. Seen within the Evernote program (installed on Windows).


This is a Photo Note sent from an iPhone of a great lunch.


This is a Voice Note sent from a Windows Mobile phone to an Evernote notebook. It plays the WAV audio file of a recording made on the phone which was sent automatically to the notebook. This can be extremely helpful when you are not able to write a note but want to quickly remember something for later.

   Dali....Persistence of Memory

Evernote software can be of benefit to everyone.  But for those  who are experiencing more severe memory loss such as individuals with Alzheimers, Traumatic Brain injuries, and Post Stroke patients, the program might dramatically assist them in keeping track of a multitude of areas in their life.
  And in addition, do it in a quick and easy way.  Evernote makes taking and organizing notes  a breeze. 

Whether it is your task or shopping lists, location of items, past experiences, family members, or work related reminders, these all can be thrown into Evernote and be easily organized or retrieved.

Evernote provides an extensive search engine to find what your looking for in your saved notes including an OCR search - allowing you to search for words in photos or screenshots that you have uploaded.

Below, we searched for Talking and it searched the saved notes to find a screenshot note that  had been saved from Amazon.  Notice the word Talking is highlighted in the photo.  It would pull up every note that had the word Talking in it if there were more.

Here Bucky searched his notes for Muscovy Duck.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows how you can search your photos by text!

This is a how the homepage of the Windows Mobile version for the phone of Evernote looks. It shows the types of notes you can create and then upload to your Evernote notebook.


The IPhone Evernote version looks a little different and is downloadable from ITunes.






This store price tag gives me the information I need to remember the details of the item. I am viewing a picture I sent from my phone as a file upload. In the program, you can edit photos in an external editor and the program reflects the edit right away.


This is how your notes are shown in an Evernote notebook (on the web). This can be private or shared with others.

Here is a video explaining the features of Evernote.




 Wow!  Now I have a great memory!