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   Bucky Alert!

A good switch is hard to find!  And a durable switch even harder.  So if you're wanting a reasonably priced switch that will last you till the cows come home then these are for you!  Pitch it, throw it, it can take the abuse and keep on going.  Foot Switches are made to be durable but they are hard to press so with a minor adaptation, they can become as sensitive as you need them to be.  But even more amazing is that Bucky found a USB foot switch which can be plugged right into your computer and presto, works like a charm for all your switch software. 


If our cows come home we will let you know!

Foot Switch Adaptation:

We used to use the Foot Switches available at Radio Shack.  For a couple years now we have been unable to find those particular ones.  Action Electronics does have them in close out so you may want to call and check.  But for an alternative foot switch check these out.

Foot Switch from Action Electronic

30-17090 Momentary SPST  This one is momentary and RED,


30-17092 is a latch switch and BLACK.

$10.95 plus shipping


A small clip on the silver rod keeping the switch together needs to be removed.


Removing the silver rod allows the top to come off the switch.


Remove the spring in middle of switch and glue some some foam in the switch that doesn't interfere with the action of the small momentary switch.  Make sure the foam is soft and has some resiliency.  Place the top on to test the switch before returning the rod.  You may have to adjust the thickness of the foam to acquire the sensitivity you desire.


Place the top back on and return the clip to keep rod from slipping out.

Top of switch has nice tactile rubber but may need extra sticky loop Velcro to stay to attach your picture communication symbols.

Use either a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter or remove the 1/4 plug and replace it with a 1/8 " plug.  Adapters are available at Radio Shack.

RadioShack plug adapter link


USB Foot Switch Adaptation:

When Bucky found this he did the Ducky Happy Dance!  Not only is this a sturdy switch that doesn't mind being tossed around but it is USB and eliminates the need for a computer switch interface!

Delcom Products

$36.00 plus shipping

You need to make sure you are ordering the LEFT mouse click USB

The top is easily removable wit a flat head screw driver.  There is even a picture of a screw driver where you need to put it to pry off the top.

Remove the spring.

Place foam inside, test for sensitivity and glue in place.

Snap the top back on the bottom of the switch and you are good to go!

Plug and Play!

Coming Soon!  Video's of these switch adaptations!