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Mouse Skills! 
Free Online Mouse Skill Software
Do you have kiddo's just learning how to use the mouse?  Or do you have little one's using an adaptive mouse or communication device to access the computer? 

Bucky Alert! 

Here is a website that gives a cornucopia of links to all sorts of mouse practice activities.  Not only are there ones for each level but they have academic value and can be used for language development.  If you have students with AAC systems that have mouse functions, they can use their mouse page to access the activities as well.  The following activities are only a small sampling of the many located on this website.

Beginner Mouse Skills from Pre-K Mouse Skills Resources.  All you have to do is move the mouse.

Here are a couple of sample activitiesThis is Lecky's Friends from Crickweb where children can select body parts and decorate the Alien.  You can change backgrounds and bodies.  The mouse skill of clicking and dragging is required.  It's like an animated alien Mr. Potato Head.

This fish catching activity also from Crickweb only requires a single click to net a fish.  This is Bucky's favorite! 

Kids Mice


Available at     $14.95

Or Amazon see below

 Adaptive Mice

Here are several cheap adaptive mice that Bucky found.  He has a hard time using a typical mouse so he's always on the lookout for new ways to access the computer.
We just ordered one of these Finger Mouse so we'll give you some honest feedback real soon.  This would be a good mouse for individual's with limited hand movement. Note:  Ours came in and you can see a video reviewing this mouse under the Product Review link.

Finger Mouse

Finger Trackball

This small trackball mouse has come in handy for a couple of my students.  Some have held it and I have built custom holders for other individual's that just had very limited movement and could only use one finger.   Bucky found it for this amazing low price.  Note:  Prices may vary.